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  1. Average velocity for the first 15 feet=1.82 m/s
  2. Acceleration of the car during the first 15 feet=22 m/s2
  3. Momentum of the car at 15 feet=4
  4. Force of the car through 15 feet=.48N
  5. Work done by the car through 15 feet=7.2J
  6. Power of the car at 15 feet=.27w
  7. Mechanical advantage of your lever and wheel and axle=2


  1. A 1'6''by 3''wooden board
  2. Two Cd's
  3. Two old plastic wheels from an old toy(small)
  4. 2 Coke Bottle caps
  5. Two short metal rods
  6. A wire hanger
  7. A 2'6''piece of string
  8. One Victor brand mousetrap
  9. LOTS of duct tape
  10. Wire cutters
  11. A saw
  12. GRAPHITE!!
  13. A drill
  14. LUCK


  1. Step1: First, we got our hanger and cut a piece from the longest side about one foot.
  2. Step2: Then, we got our board and cut it to a point with the saw (____>.
  3. Step3: Next, we used the saw to cut out the centerr of the back side of the board.
  4. Step4: Afterthat, we used the drill on both the point and the hole that looked like so -lllll\ _lllll/.
  5. Step5: Then, we took out one cd and put the bottle cap in the very center, and taped it down, repeating the step with the second cd.
  6. Step6: Next, we drilled a hole in the center of the bottle caps, after setting them atop each other(to make sure they were the same).
  7. Step7: Then, we used our graphite in the holes that were drilled throught the board.
  8. Step8: Soon afte, we put the metal rods through the two holes.
  9. Step9: Next we put our cd wheels on the rods taping them on(making sure they were equal on both sides).
  10. Step10: Then, we put our toy car whhels on the back rods, they fit snuggly onto the rod with their already drilled holes(asuming yours fit).
  11. Step11: Thereafter, we taped the mousetrap to the front end of the car(by the cd wheels).
  12. Step12: Next, we taped the cut rod from the hanger on to the snap down part of the trap.
  13. Step13: Then, we tied a sting to the end of the wire.
  14. Step14: We then taped the other end to the axel with the smaller wheels.



We have concluded through this project that there are many forces acting upon any one object, and that changing them to make the force against it weaker in just one area, is hard, but it was fun trying out all the ideas. Also, we have found that the wheel and axle were where you were either going to win, or lose. Every thing was dependant on your wheels, were they straight, did they wobble, would they move with the axle? We believe that it was the most delicate part of the building. Then next to it was the length of the lever.