Rocky Picture Gallery

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Creed is Down!! -Rocky shocks Apollo in the first round (Rocky I)

Take that! -Rocky rocks Apollo with a left hook (Rocky I)

ADRIAAAAAN!! -Rocky and Adrian after the fight (Rocky I)

Training time -Rocky entering Mickey's Gym (Rocky II)

I do.. -Rocky and Adrian at the altar (Rocky II)

I don't sweat you! -Paulie: A man among men (Rocky II)

Spit Happens -Rocky beating the snot out of Apollo (literally) in their rematch (Rocky II)

To the body! -Rocky delivering body shots (Rocky II)

The Champ -Rocky and Mickey after Rocky's improbable victory over Apollo (Rocky II)

Eye of the Tiger -Rocky's ready to take the title back from Clubber Lang (Rocky III)

Clubber who? -Rocky giving Lang some paybacks (Rocky III)

Staredown -The Cold War heats up as Rocky prepares to battle Ivan Drago (Rocky IV)

He's Cut! -Rocky puts a hurtin' on the supposedly invulnerable Drago (Rocky IV)

Whack! -Drago eats more leather as Rocky begins to wear him down (Rocky IV)

Timber! -Rocky finishing off Drago to complete his greatest victory (Rocky IV)

ROCKY! ROCKY! ROCKY! -The Italian Stallion, arms raised in victory (Rocky IV)